Rhomby presence awareness kit
Enhance your home automation ecosystems with indoor location data and geofencing to create seamless, hands-free experiences for homeowners.
Rhomby is a complete toolkit that keeps tabs on the location of mobile devices in a home. By associating devices with family members, programmers can create responsive, context-aware controls based on where people are in the house. It takes less than an hour to install and you'll immediately be able trigger events when people move between rooms or leave home.
Indoor location
Monitors occupants' movements
with real-time, room-level precision.
Registers when occupants
have entered or exited the home.
Event triggers
Reacts seamlessly, with no need
for screen taps or voice commands.
What can you do with Rhomby?
We built Rhomby to be as fast and as flexible as possible. By providing home automation professionals with an easy way to trigger events based on indoor location data and geofence crossings, we're making the next level of luxury a reality.

We want to see what you can do with Rhomby, but here are a few ideas to get you started...
Chatty Rhomby says:
Send an audio page to all occupied rooms.

Notify occupants when someone arrives home.
Sheriff Rhomby says:
Create a real-time display showing everyone's location in the house.

Trigger security-related events when everyone leaves home.
Eco Rhomby says:
Manage HVAC loading during periods of high activity or inoccupancy.

Activate personalized room preferences when occupants enter.
Snazzy Rhomby says:
Automatically present the current room's page on the control tablet.

Initiate custom lighting, TV and music for group activities.
Technical specifications
Rhomby is a complete toolkit that includes a miniature server, iBeacons™ and a lightweight mobile app.

Download a cutsheet
Rhomby server
• 1.4GHz Quad-Core CPU with 1GB RAM
• 16GB UHS-3 non-volatile memory
• 1000 Base-T Ethernet (max speed 330 Mbps)
• Dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi
• Bluetooth® 4.2 Low Energy
• Modern browser-based control panel
• UDP Multicast and HTTP API
• Over the web firmware updates
• 5V 2.5A DC micro-USB power supply
• 4.1in (105mm) x 1.1in (27mm) x 2.8in (72mm)
Rhomby mobile application
• Supports iPhones from 4S onward
• Supports iPads from March 2012 onward
• Supports iPad Minis and iPad Pros
• Requires WiFi, Bluetooth® and GPS
• Runs in the background
• Requires only 1.5MB of device storage
• Apple Watch and Android support coming soon
• Bluetooth® 4.2 Low Energy
• 2400MHz to 2483.5MHz frequency
• Range up to 230ft (70m)
• Over the air updates
• Splash-proof recyclable silicone enclosure
• Built-in optional adhesive
• Replaceable AA batteries x2
• ~3-5 year battery lifespan
• 3oz (86g) total weight
• 2.7in (69mm) x 1.8in (46mm) x 1in (25mm)
Additional notes
• Supports 100+ rooms
• Only one iBeacon™ required per room
• iBeacons™ do not need to be visible
What makes Rhomby unique?
Completely private
No data ever leaves the home
or gets transmitted online.
Almost invisible
Totally unobtrusive with nothing
extra to carry or wear.
Incredibly fast
Less than an hour to set up
real-time tracking out of the box.
Entirely self-contained
No infrastructure upgrades
or additional equipment necessary.
Fully customizable
Limitless scene possibilities for
all types of families and floor plans.
Highly compatible
Multiple connection options
that work with most control systems.